Not all suffering is equal

Russian Federation is an aggressor which invaded peaceful sovereign Ukraine on 24 February 2022. This war is broadly supported by russian nationals. They are proud to kill Ukrainians and invading the country that does not share their ideology. On the other hand there is so much hatred spread about Ukrainians by russians including calls to exterminate the entire nation, killing kids and raping women in social media.

Furthermore, russians start discussing their plans to attack other European states like Poland, Sweden, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia.

Every criminal anticipated to get away with their crimes. Hundreds of thousands of russians directly participate in the war in the roles of killers, looters and rapists whereas millions more support them. Everyone will be held responsible.

Finally, what have russians done to stop the war? You will be surprised, but most of those who ‘technically’ distance themselves from this bloody war and war crimes in their private conversations are silent in their beloved social networks. They don’t want to create any permanent record of their anti-war position in the Internet because they want this war. Their only interest is to dodge economic sanctions imposed by the West that they hate.

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