In Mariupol occupiers began exhumation of bodies of civilians and don’t allow to bury the dead

Mobile crematorium deployed to hide the war crimes.

According to residents of the devastated city of Mariupol, the Russian invading forces began exhuming the bodies of civilians buried in the yards. This new level of “clearance” was announced by Mariupol residents who are still in the blocked city.

Moreover, Russian forces in the city forbid the burial of people killed by them. In each yard they put their own sentry, who does not allow Mariupol residents to their own land for their deceased relatives or acquaintances. It is not known why the exhumation is taking place, and where the bodies are being sent is also not known.

Given that Ukrainian intelligence unit has recorded 13 mobile Russian crematoria being used in Mariupol by the Russian forces, it is possible to assume that the Russian forces are trying in every way to remove all traces of their war crimes in our city, the Mariupol City Council stated.

The military intelligence of Ukraine has repeatedly established the use by Russian forces of mobile crematoria in the Chernihiv region (north of Kyiv).

The operation of Russia’s mobile crematoriums was also recorded in the township Novoyadari, Luhansk region. [see report of 13-4-2022 Ukrinska Pravda, Kyiv]

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