Ukrainian Association of Sydney

The Ukrainian Society Co-operative Ltd, also known as the Ukrainian Association of Sydney, was formed in 1949 and incorporated in 1951. The following year, the Association purchased a building at 51 Pitt Street, Redfern for community needs. The Association sold this building in 1959, having bought new premises in 59-63 Joseph Street, Lidcombe. The new building became known as the Narodnyi Dim [Community Hall].

From the outset, the aim of the Association has been to promote and develop Ukrainian-Australian culture in Sydney. The Association is a non-partisan, secular community organisation. Membership, in the main, comprises people of Ukrainian ancestry, together with more recent immigrants from Ukraine.

The Association also provides the wider Ukrainian-Australian community with a venue for social, cultural and educational activities. The Narodnyi Dim has been the base for many Ukrainian community groups and a diverse range of cultural activities. The Association has supported the Ukrainian Central School in honour of Princess Olha, Sydney, from its beginning.

The Association broadcasts a weekly radio programme called “Sounds of Ukraine: From Steppes to Surf” and produces a bilingual journal titled “Voice of the Community” [Holos Hromady]. The Association also focuses on advocacy and support for Ukraine, and actively assists the Embassy of Ukraine in Australia through the provision of professional expertise.

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