Limited Edition – available only by order.

Published in 2021 by Ukrainian Association of Sydney (USCLtd); 154 pages, soft colour cover, large A4 format, a selection of original images and references.

Cover art by Anna Adnum. ISBN: 978-0-646 84796-2

Price: $30.00 (plus P&H cost of $10 per copy in Australia)

Orders will need to be placed early to ensure a copy/(ies) as a very limited number of copies are available. No copies will be available in shops. Orders should be sent to email:

A limited number of copies are available from the the Ukrainian Association of Sydney (USC Ltd). All proceeds remain with publisher.

This book tells the story of DP migrants of Ukrainian ancestry – why and how it came to be that they arrived in Australia from the post-WWII Displaced Persons camps in Europe. They were not a large group of the overall 170,000 DP migrants who were brought to this country by the Australian government between 1947 and 1951.

A notable number of them arrived and were accommodated at first in the migrant camp at Greta in the Hunter region. The book explains who they were, their outlook, concerns and hopes as people with a common identity and how it was that they found themselves in the Hunter region where many eventually settled permanently, while many others did not. They were the pioneering wave of Ukrainians who settled not only in the Hunter region but also elsewhere in Australia. The story of their circumstances before and after arrival has added to the social fabric of the settlement of and life in the Hunter region.

The book also lists more than 2,000 names (in English and Ukrainian) of known adults of Ukrainian ancestry who came to the Hunter Region as DPs (including spouses, some of whom were of different ancestry) with details of arrival in Australia. It is the first and most comprehensive listing of its kind for the region.

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