Ukrainian Radio program “From Steppes to Surf”

Ukrainian Radio is broadcasting since 2000. Support our efforts to keep it live.

As a proud part of the Ukrainian community, we are excited to have our very own Ukrainian Community radio program “From Steppes to Surf”. Our goal is to share the rich cultural heritage, language, and traditions of Ukraine with our local community and beyond.

However, to make this program a success, we need your support. We are kindly asking for donations to help us cover the costs of broadcasting equipment, production expenses, and other operational costs. Your contribution will go a long way in keeping our Ukrainian Community Radio program on the air and ensuring that our community’s voice is heard loud and clear. Any amount, big or small, will make a difference. Together, let’s preserve and promote our Ukrainian heritage through this vital community radio program.

You can make your donation to the following account:

Name: Ukrainian Association Of Sydney

BSB: 611-100

Account: 100314172

Description: donation to support radio

Thank you for your generosity and support.