· New York will allocate US$ 2 million from the city budget to help Ukrainian migrants. [4:38am 23-4-2022 Kyiv]

· Mass grave site: MANGUSH: In Mariupol, the Russian forces are clearing the rubble of the Drama Theatre bombed by Russian troops – the found bodies are being taken to the village of Mangush, where they are dumped in a trench mass grave. [12:06pm 23-4-2022 Kyiv]

· The import of electricity from Russia to Finland will be limited, said power line operator Fingrid. The amount will be reduced from the current 1,300 to 900 megawatts commencing Sunday, April 24. [12:51pm 23-4-2022 Kyiv]

· Two young actresses of the city theatre, Elizaveta and Sonya, were killed in Mariupol. [1:36pm 23-4-2022 Kyiv]

· On April 21, the Russians took 308 deported Mariupol residents to Vladivostok, 90 of whom were children. [2:06pm 23-4-2022 Kyiv]

· Russia has prepared a list of genuine brand goods that will be imported under the label ‘counterfeit’ in order to circumvent the ban on their direct export-sale to Russia. They are to be bought by third parties in the West and then imported from the purchaser (aka ‘paralell import’).
Some of the car brands much sought after in Russia: Tesla, Land Rover, Jeep, Jaguar, Chrysler, Bently, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Dodge, Hummer, Rover.
Also technology brands in demand are: Apple and Samsung, XBox and Play Station consoles and dozens of other manufacturers. [8:11pm 23-4-2022 Kyiv]

· Ukraine and Poland have signed a memorandum on strengthening cooperation in the railway sphere, according to which they will establish a joint logistics company of the two countries. The memorandum provides for the establishment of a joint logistics company of the two countries. The prime Minister D. Shmygal notes that this will dramatically increase the volume of rail transportation of Ukrainian exports to the EU and world markets through Europe.
Due to Ukraine’s ports on the Black Sea being blockaded by the Russian navy, Ukraine’s sales abroad have halved. Moreover, agricultural products managed to export 200,000 tons in March, although before the war exports were estimated at millions of tons
per month. Volumes are gradually increasing due to the railway, which has refocused exports, but these capacities are limited by both the logistics capabilities of the EU and Ukrainian railways. [9:44pm 23-4-2022 kyiv]

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