The West must unite against Russian aggression

We are all sad and deeply traumatised about the russian military aggression and many lives lost. Unfortunately, it’s not over!

However, this is the worst time for hesitancy. Immediate actions should take place. Our government can support Ukraine and along with the rest of the democratic world we can stop the world from collapsing into chaos.

We have prepared a draft bullet-point list of requests (download link below as well as the full text at the bottom of this post) to the Australian government that we encourage you to share with your local members of parliament ( and up to the Prime Minister ( They need to hear opinions and requests from common Australians as it empowers them.

Finally, you can speak to your friends, your colleagues and total strangers to join our efforts to stop the war. 

Please join our peaceful rallies to protect the democratic world from invasion and to support Ukraine.

check “Ukrainians in Sydney” page on Facebook to learn about the protests.

Слава Україні! Героям Слава!

Draft letter (feel free to change any part as it represents numerous views from people who are against the unjustified military aggression in Ukraine):

To: [Local Member of Parliament], Prime Minister of Australia

As an Australian, I condemn the unprovoked invasion of Ukraine by Russia and I am concerned that should this be allowed to continue, it will set a dangerous precedent in terms of international peace and security. I ask that the Australian Government to:

Increase the sanctions on Russia and Russia’s allies including Belarus.

– Work with Western partners to help close the sky over Ukraine.

Provide military aid, including lethal weapons.

Further assist Ukraine with cyber security.

– Sever diplomatic relations with Russia.

– Prohibit entry to Australia and cancel all existing visas to Russia’s ruling class and their families (including members of the Duma, the Senate, the presidential council, the top echelons of the security and defence services, state television employees).

– Provide financial support to Ukraine.

– Allow tax deductions for private donations to support Ukraine.

– Provide humanitarian aid to Ukraine.

A tragedy is unfolding in Ukraine. I ask that the Australian government take immediate and decisive action.

Yours sincerely


Update: We receive a number of calls from different countries which support Ukraine, including Japan. We provide a draft letter to Japanese nationals that they can use to approach Japanese government:


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